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If you’re looking to grow your digital presence on Google, search engine optimization (SEO) is an extremely effective way of driving new organic traffic to your website without having to run paid advertisements that may put a strain on your finances.  Our data driven approach to SEO and digital marketing as a whole is what helps push our clients to the top slots on Google, both in the local listing/map section of Google and below the maps.

Our SEO Strategy has been designed over years of research and development and is built with our client’s goals in mind.  We will help you achieve your goals for your business through the content we create on your website, and have the data/reporting to show you the results of all of our hard work!

Custom Digital Marketing & SEO Plans Built To Grow Your Business

Many SEO Companies in Little Rock, and around the country use outdated methods that can actually make you rank worse on Google.  Several of these outdated SEO techniques have been specifically banned by Google’s algorithm to stop spam and promote genuine content and real businesses from ranking better than spam sites, so it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing an SEO company if you want to get the best possible results and the most leads from your website.

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What Does Our SEO Audit Consist Of?

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Title tags & meta descriptions are the first thing Google reads when looking at your page, and this is what shows up on the search engine results page. Having keywords in this area will significantly impact how well your rank for certain terms.

Heading Structure Optimization

Quality headings, similar to the title tags and meta descriptions are a key way for you to describe to Google what your business is, and what you want to rank for. Optimizing headings will help you rank at the top of Google’s results page.

Content Quality & Length

We’ve done a lot of research, and Google tends to rank websites with a higher volume of quality content over those that have short pages.  More quality content typically means higher organic rankings on Google.

Structured Data (JSON-LD Schema Markup

JSON-LD is JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data. It communicates to schema.org and highlights many of the most important pieces of information about your website (name/address/hours/business category etc…) and organizes and connects it.

Navigation Structure

Are your website users and search engines easily able to navigate your website? Building websites that are easy to use both for humans and robots make for better converting and therefore better ranking websites.

Duplicate Copy/Content Check

Copy/Paste content on your website is never good! Having uniquely written content is key for a good SEO campaign. Stealing content can penalize your site and cause it to rank lower than it should.

Backlink Review & Local Link Building

Quality backlinks to your site are a strong signal that you are trustworthy to search engines. They are certainly important for SEO today, but we often focus on local backlink creation and generation as well as citations today. High volume backlinking from past years can sometimes negatively impact your site due to Google’s spam detection, so we always look into the best possible way to create quality backlinks and possibly even try to remove spam links from your site.

Internal Link Structure

Internal links are hugely important for passing page authority around your website. Whether it’s linking relevant keywords on your homepage to your service/location pages to improve the ranking of your internal pages, or utilizing a high authority blog/service page to push authority back to your homepage, we find internal linking to be a great SEO tool!

Meg Larsen

Digital Media Specialist

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Marketing Specialist shelby@mm-co.com

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Marketing Specialist alec@mm-co.com

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The Company We Keep

Brand Story

The impressive offices of Ad Executive Larry Tate from the1960’s Television Show Bewitched caught the attention of a very young Chuck Spohn, who, upon graduating from college, relocated to New York City. So, with an interest in the Advertising Industry, coupled with the desperate fate of an elevator ride in mid-town Manhattan circa 1984 (Note: there’s a much longer story that can be told about that elevator ride-just ask!), Chuck began a career in the Television Industry. Some 29 years later and rising through the ranks to Vice President and General Manager of the local FOX TV Station, Chuck founded Media & More in February 2013. With a passion for results, an eye on quality and a commitment to accountability, Media & More has matured over time to become a highly affordable, boutique marketing agency who works with a variety of small to fairly large B2B and B2C clientele. As Chuck likes to say: “MM clients receive a Madison Avenue experience at a Main Street price!”

What Will SEO & Digital Marketing Do For Your Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key part of any digital marketing strategy. By doing keyword research to find out what terms are important to rank for, then optimizing the title tags, meta descriptions, structured data, local listing, and more on your website, as well as building local backlinks, citations, and internal links on the site to support those terms, you will rank significantly higher on Google and other search engines. The job of any good SEO Analyst is to explain to Google the Who/What/Where of your business. Who are you? What services do you offer? Where do you provide these services?

By very specifically telling Google the Who, What and Where of your business they will have all the information they need to confidently recommend you to people within your service area that are searching for the service you provide. SEO is all about good communication between your website to Google to maximize your rankings on the search engine, driving the most potential customers to your phone line or contact form.

SEO Company & Digital Marketing Services in Little Rock, AR

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Chuck Spohn


Chuck Spohn founded Media & More after a 30-year career in the Television Industry. This career path enabled Chuck to garner critical insights in a variety disciplines ranging from Research (2 years as a TV Research Analyst) to Sales & Marketing (11 years in Sales & Sales Management) to Brand Oversight (serving 15+ years as Vice President & General Manager of FOX16). Chuck has served the Greater Little Rock community in a variety of positions as well, ranging from President of The Downtown Little Rock Partnership, President of Central Arkansas Executives Association, to Chairman of the Arkansas Zoological Society. He’s married to Dr. Rebecca Brewer, has two wonderful children (Will & Olivia), and competes in endurance distance running and triathlon events.

Meghan Larsen

Director Client Services

As Director of Results at Media & More, Meg oversees the company’s entire suite of Digital Services, including a team of Marketing Specialists, all with a laser focus on producing results. Since joining the MM team in 2017, Meg’s passion for quality content, eye-catching visuals, and comprehensive understanding of Digital strategy has enabled the company to become a player in the world of Digital Marketing. Meg is a UALR alum with a BA in Writing. When not advertising, she spends her time spoiling her two children, doing nerd stuff, and reading far too many books.

Shelby Grimes

Senior Marketing Specialist

Shelby began her digital marketing career in college as a social media intern in the nonprofit sector with the National High School Basketball Association. After receiving her Bachelors in Public Relations at UCA, she left the nonprofit world to pursue a new career path in the commercial sector. Shelby strives to bring her passion for brand messaging and design to Media & More. Outside of the office Shelby enjoys spending time with her family and friends and being a dog mom to her dog Indy.

Alyssa Sparks

Marketing Specialist

Alyssa began her journey in the digital marketing and creative world as the marketing intern for Reynolds Performance Hall at UCA, and as the Creative Director for the Purple and Gray Network. Having received her Bachelors in Journalism from UCA, Alyssa aspires to bring her passion for writing and design to Media & More. In her spare time, she enjoys watching true crime documentaries, and chasing around her dog, Sascha. 

Joel Gardner


Joel builds and manages websites for Media & More and its clients. With over 15 years experience building, managing, and marketing websites, and 20 years experience in media promotion, he has helped countless businesses create and enhance their web and mobile presence.

Joel has long had a passion for combining art and technology—as a professional musician, television producer and editor, avid photographer, and web developer. He endeavors to bring this passion to everything he creates.

When not in front a computer, Joel enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and exploring the world with his wife and daughter.

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