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Digital Marketing Services

Marketing Services (Digital)

When you contact the expert team at Media & More for digital marketing services, you can expect to build a partnership that propels your business to a new level online. Work with our team of expert SEO & PPC Analysts to build a custom digital business plan & work with us to design the roadmap for your future success. Our custom-tailored strategy is designed to provide the best return on investment, while fully considering your business needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most cost-effective ways to generate more leads, phone calls, or contact forms from your online presence is to focus on the organic search engine optimization of your website. Showing up higher on the search engine results pages for all the different variations of keywords you want to appear for is extremely important. Organic Google clicks are free, so the more traffic SEO can generate, the larger your business can grow unrestricted. Media & More will help you not only design a website with SEO built into the code, but we also handle your keyword research, website/content optimization, internal link building, Google My Business/Google Maps optimization, content creation, & much more.

Google Ads - Pay Per Click (PPC)

For faster marketing results, Google Ads PPC campaigns may be the solution for you. We go above and beyond to build accountability and attribution into our campaigns to determine the real-world cost/conversion & cost/lead for your business. We do not rely simply on the Google Ads metrics to tell us how many “conversions”, we help you understand what the actual return on investment from Google Ads is and use that information to make smarter decisions with your budget.

Web (Design)

No digital marketing campaign is complete without a stylish and modern website! Let us help you build a website worthy of representing your brand, designed with SEO in mind, and built to attract and retain your potential customers. We design our websites with conversions & SEO as a top priority to make sure we maximize both our Organic SEO & Paid Google Ads traffic generated from our marketing sources.
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A Digital Marketing Company Designed to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our SEO, PPC, and Web Design services are based on years of research and testing, backed by data, and designed to help you achieve your business goals.

Media & More understands that many “SEO Companies” out there are out there looking for quick and easy money, but don’t fully understand the industry. Our team is composed of the industry’s top talent, with decades of combined experience with SEO, PPC, and Web Design with the research behind us to know what we do helps businesses grow. Trust the Little Rock SEO & Digital Marketing Company that will help you take your business to an entirely new level!

What Can Digital Marketing / SEO & PPC Services Do For You

Media & More has been helping local businesses in Little Rock grow for years through general digital marketing & business consulting, organic search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising/Google Ads (PPC).  Neglecting your digital presence is a massive mistake that most local businesses make that our clients.  A well-done properly designed digital marketing campaign can help you generate more free organic clicks on Google and drive quick volume from PPC advertising with a strong return on investment.  If you’re looking to grow your business’s digital presence, don’t hesitate to call the digital marketing experts at Media & More to take your business to the next level in Little Rock, AR today!

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